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Welcome To Sites Press. Here we will be discussing how to build your own website. Many people have paid money for a business website, but unfortunately find that the initial excitement that they may have had when they purchased it, soon disappears once they realise how inflexible the solution that they have been offered is.

Some people are charged ridiculously large ongoing maintenance charges that only cover trivial things that the site owner might like to deal with himself or herself – if only they knew how, and if only the had control over their site.

Some sites use some kind kind of proprietary software that essential means the website owner only really own access to work with inflexible templates. Maybe you can update text easily, but what if you decide you want a little picture top left on the page. Or what if you want to insert a video, or email form? Oops it’s a call to the service provider, and perhaps an additional charge for the privilege of doing something that you would be quite willing to learn how to do yourself.

Those are just a couple of examples of the situations some business owners find themselves in with their website. Essentially they feel locked into a contract because they do not understand how their current website is set up, and they do not understand how they could learn to take ownership of their own website.

So Sites Press is here to help business owners or people that want to create their own professional personal website without having to learn how to code, and spend endless hours learning how to build and maintain your own website.

For now, we will be working with the WordPress platform, as it is very user friendly and not that difficult to learn to use with the right training. It is also very flexible people the platform is open to other people to code themes – how the website appears, and extensions – the functionality that the website will be able to perform. More platforms may be introduced later, but for now at least, we’ll be working with WordPress.

In the meantime, if you want a consultation with us to help get your own WordPress site set up, you are most welcome to fill in the email form and we can discuss your options with you.

And by the way when we say get your own WordPress site, we are not talking about a free website hosted on Because you will be using their webspace – the version of WordPress is not as flexible as the self hosted version. Furthermore, should WordPress take exception to your site your presence online may disappear overnight.

The self hosted version allows you to choose from a virtually unlimited number of themes and extensions to change your website’s appearance offer additional functionality, and there’s no threat of pulling the plug on your site either because someone sees fit to delete it. And let’s face it, a self respecting business would be looking to have a bit more control and flexibility over what they can do with their website and where they host it.

If you are looking to get your own self hosted WordPress site setup today, you can send us your enquiry and we can see if we are able to help you with your specific needs. Contact Sites Press now: